Services at inLife Clinic

For First Responders


As a First Responder

You leave your family daily, not knowing what challenges or traumatic situations you may face. inLife Clinic would like to provide you with a safe, confidential place for working through the impact of the stressors and traumas you have experienced.

  • Have you continued to be disturbed by a bad call?
  • Do you suffer from interrupted sleep or sleep deprivation?
  • Do you frequently find yourself being impatient or irritable?
  • Are your close relationships feeling strained?

As A Police Officer...

You Are Interested in Counseling but Concerned That:

  • Someone finding out and thinking you are weak
  • Others thinking you can’t do your job
  • Loss of respect from your fellow officers or command staff
  • Losing your job

As A Fire Fighter or Medic...

Consulting Services

inLife Clinic also offers professional consultation including Peer Support supervision, response and support for critical incidents and officer-involved shootings, Critical Incident Stress Defusing and Debriefing, in-service training, wellness program development, resilience coaching, and available for on-site services.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and First Responders

PTSD is more common that most realize for those who serve in Public Safety and Emergency Services.

PTSD is Like Taming Wild Horses by Dr. Anna Baranowsky

PTSD is Like Taming Wild Horses by Dr. Anna Baranowsky